More information: http://bellevuequalityschools.org/

When: February 13, 2018

What: 3 school levies are on the ballot.

What does that money pay for in Bellevue School District?

· 7th Period and Tutorial time for middle & high school students;

· STEM curriculum and technology integration;

· Laptops for 11,752 middle & high school students;

· Foreign language at all middle schools;

· Band, orchestra, music, & art in all elementary schools;

· Gifted/Special Education program funding;

· Nurses, counselors, specialists, technical staff;

· Multi-season sports fields;

· Building maintenance;

· Additional busses to meet the needs of our growing population;

· Trained security staff;

Doesn’t the state pay for that? No. That is not considered “basic education” by the State.

Levy dollars are fundamental to our strong public schools ensuring our students are prepared for college, career, and life.

Each and every one of our 20,000+ students need your continued support!

Vote YES on the three levies which will allow the Bellevue School District to continue our expanded education. It is up to our voters to renew the levies that fund the expanded education our community demands, and our students deserve.

Without the 3 levies there will be cuts programs, services and staff.

The full slide deck can be found here: